We first told you about the make shift community of tents and tarps dubbed "Jesus Camp" when the City of Texarkana Texas pulled the meter cutting off fresh water to the campers. Now the camp faces a new challenge from the Railroad Company that owns vacant land near the Camp.

The reporting of the threat of armed Agents of KCS Railroad eradicating the camp came in a post on the Jesus Camp Facebook Page announcing that they would be closing their Facebook account and why. In part, the post read,

This will be the last post for Jesus-Camp Texarkana.

The final nail in the coffin on the camp was when I was contacted Wednesday, Dec. 4 by the KCS Railroad telling me that they had been informed of a homeless camp located on the railroad property next to mine. They told me the railroad would be sending special armed agents (railroad police) to eradicate the camp.

This sad news along with the strong arm tactics the city of Texarkana, Texas, to shut the homeless camp down is more than I can bear and it breaks my heart to watch it die ... so I am closing the door and turning out the lights on Facebook ... but will never turn my back on my homeless friends.

I know you will all have many questions about current events: when will it close? Where will the people go? What happens next?

Unfortunately, I have those same questions and cannot give you the answers at this point."

Many think the city could be doing more for the growing homeless population in Texarkana than they are, and it has been suggested that the Railroad's involvement is based on City Officials seeking someone else to be the "bad guy".

Officials with the City say it removed the water meter from the private property that the camp calls home over environmental issues. The water was being delivered from the property to the camp via a Garden Hose with permission of the owner of the property. The tent city residents would use the water to bathe and clean their clothes, so that they could continue with jobs they have been able to find and keep with the help of bicycles donated to the community.


After our original post on the struggles at the camp, there has been a tremendous outpouring of support from the citizens of Texarkana for the residents of "Jesus Camp", and many people have seen with their own eyes how this community based on the principles and teachings of Jesus Christ can lift someone up, and not only help them survive, but help them grow and get them back on their feet. Even getting the attention of local television station's News Stories.

What do you think?