So they held the elections for the Texarkana College Board, and the two candidates running for place 2 ended up in a tie. Now what?

For place 2 we have the incumbent, Mrs. Julie Ray Harrison and she was challenged by retired college instructor Jean Cotten. It was first reported that Harrison had lost by 6 votes.  After a re-count it was determined that it was actually a tie with both candidates receiving 700 votes.

Here's the thing...

It seems that the majority of the public keeping up with the shenanigans of the TC Board, is in favor of replacing ALL of the folks that sat on the board during the recent financial mess they caused.  I've even heard some say "I won't vote for a tax increase if any of them crooks are still on the board". Make no mistake, Texarkana College NEEDS to increase the tax base or they will fall.

One of the incumbents was beaten in the election by two people, that would have resulted in a run-off election, but Tom Sadowski bowed out, putting the well being of the college first. Kudos Mr. Sadowski.

The biggest trouble makers had decided not to run for re-election, which is the wisest decision they have made in years, but then you have one that thinks that instead of listening to the public, she should cost the college approximately $4,000 to hold a special election.

Again this is only my opinion, and I do not know either of these candidates personally, but if this lady was on the board that squandered millions, I don't think she should be allowed to cost the college another penny, much less thousands of dollars.  However, it looks like that is exactly what will happen.  I say let her cost the college another $4,000... but let that be her last mistake as a member of the Texarkana College Board.