The Texarkana, Arkansas City Board of Directors meets tonight beginning at 6:30 at Arkansas side City Hall.The board will consider an agenda item which would authorize the issuance and sale of a General Revenues Note, Series 2013 by the city in the principal amount of $1,0635.23 for the purpose of acquiring, constructing, installing, or renting real property or tangible personal property, providing for payment of the principal and interest on the note.

This ordinance requires an emergency clause, which requires a separate and distinct vote of the board and is valid only if there is a two-thirds vote of approval by the board.

There will also be consideration of an ordinance expressing support of the safe routes to schools grant authorizing the city manager to submit an application to the Arkansas Highway and Transportation Department.

There will also be an executive session to consider appointments to various boards and commissions and a discussion of the Interim CIty Attorney.

The public is invited to attend the open portion of tonight's meeting.

Arkansas City hall