Taylor Wilson from Texarkana Arkansas is truly a boy genius.  Taylor is one of CNBC's "20 Under 20", and some say the "Thomas Edison" of our time.

At the age of 14 Taylor became the youngest person in history to create fusion. That's right, nuclear fusion... at age 14.

(When I was 14 I delivered newspapers, and could barely keep my bike together.)

Taylor Wilson is one of the 20 Under 20 Thiel Fellows for 2012.  Here he explains why he is leaving college to pursue the Thiel Fellowship in Silicon Valley.

Here is a link to an awesome write up from Popular Science...

(Makes me proud to know that a young man from Texarkana will be changing the world.  While we are sitting at home watching "Big Bang Theory", Taylor is out living it.  Best of luck to Taylor Wilson, I know that his future will be as bright as the stars... that he could possibly create.)