The former girlfriend of a Philadelphia man went on her Facebook profile and offered a $1000.00 for somebody to kill the guy, and now... he's dead.

Just a few hours after a judge upheld charges of solicitation of murder, and conspiracy to commit murder against his ex-girlfriend, and the teenager that allegedly offered to kill him, someone did shoot and kill him in West Philadelphia.

According to police, 22 year old Corey White was shot Monday evening, but investigators aren't sure why he was killed yet, or if it had anything to do with the Facebook posts.

Police say 19 year-old London Eley made a post on her facebook page offering "a stack" to kill her baby daddy. (Stack is slang for a thousand bucks) They say that 18 year-old Timothy Bynum said he'd do it.

Several people commented on her post... one asking if she was sure she wanted him dead and not just hurt, police said she posted, "DEAD! HATE HIM!"

Police say that Bynum responded with: "say no more. what he look like. where he be at. need that stack 1st ima mop that bull."

Eley's attorney says she was venting after an argument, and didn't intend for it to be taken seriously.

The Philadelphia Inquirer first reported White's death, and have a lot more info on the case.