Well bless her heart, Melissa Earnest never thought her video blog would blow up the way it did once she posted a video of her confronting  a woman that was flirting with her husband on Facebook. We got a chance to talk to "Miss Sassy& Classy" herself about all of it.

We had a quick conversation with Ms. Melissa, and talked about her posting the video. She also mentioned how that if she had known it was going to go viral she would have fixed her hair up. We spoke about what her husband thinks about all of the hoopla, and about how she deals with those internet bashers we all love to hate... not Melissa, she gives'em a "bless your heart" and moves on.  

Here is a link to Ms. Melissa's YouTube Channel.

(I just love her and her positive attitude! She is as real as you and me, and just good people. I have great respect for all she deals with in her life, while still trying to make others happy. Find out more about her story by joining her on her YouTube Channel, at her Facebook Page or thru her new Website. I really do appreciate her taking the time to talk to me, and I wish her and her family all things good.)