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Arkansas City Board Delays Vote to Pass 2014 Budget
The Texarkana Arkansas City Board of Directors were unable to pass the proposed budget tonight for 2014. The board voted to delay the vote on the budget until later this month. The biggest budget increase seems to be a $400,000 raise in costs of the Bi-State Justice Building.
Ready for Sparks In The Park 2011
Eagle 106.3, The City of Texarkana Arkansas, and Wells Fargo Bank proudly present SPARKS IN THE PARK 2011 at the Four States Fairgrounds! With activities, and fun for the whole family starting at 4PM, Saturday July 2nd!
You Know You’re From Texarkana When…
I was tasked with coming up with a list of things, that might make some sense to folks that are from these parts...  See? Even "from these parts", may be a simple term, that sets our neck of the woods apart from people that live in other parts of this big ol' world.
Opinions On “Railfest”?
Well, I personally think it was a great turnout for the very first "Railfest" in downtown Texarkana, Arkansas, and I applaud all of those that worked so hard to make it happen.
The BBQ Rib Cook-Off, the Beauty Pageant, the entertainment... Cheers!