The Best Tacos in Town? You Tell us! [POLL]
This morning I was trolling the internet and saw a website rating the best tacos in America. It listed restaurants in Austin, Chicago, San Diago, yadda yadda yadda. Yeah whatever, but it did get me thinking about the best tacos around Texarkana.
Is it Time For Kiss to Cool it? [VIDEO] [POLL]
Kiss was on Dancing with the Stars last night and they'll be on tonight too. No, they aren't dancing! They are performing. Kiss seems to be everywhere lately. A couple of weeks ago they presented an award at the Academy of Country Music Awards. Yes, that's right COUNTRY!
Beatles’ Sons May Form a Band [POLL]
Everybody knows I love the Beatles and have since the age of six.
Beatle fans all over the world dreamed of a reunion until John Lennon's death in 1980. We know a reunion isn't possible, but what about the sons of the Beatles?

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