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Stop by One of These LifeShare Blood Drives in November
Have you ever thought about becoming a blood donor?
It’s easy to donate just stop by LifeShare Blood Center at 1321 College Drive or stop by one of their blood drive locations this month that are listed below. You can also give them a call at (903) 794-3173.
Hurricane Harvey Heightens Need For Local Blood Donors
All the predictions from the National Hurricane Center indicating that Hurricane Harvey will impact a large area that LifeShare Blood Center serves at the Texas-Louisiana coast and surrounding areas. In order to ensure blood is available for all hospitals and patients that LifeShare serves in the so…
Donors Needed – LifeShare Blood Drives in August
Blood donors are always needed but especially during the summer months. Please take some time and make a donation this month. LifeShare Blood Center located at 1321 College Drive in Texarkana, TX makes it easy for you to give the gift of life. Stop by one of these blood drives this month.

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