Girl Scouts Summer Series in Texarkana
School will be out for the summer before you know it! Here's something fun for girls to do! It's the Summer Series presented by the Girl Scouts, where girls will learn and have fun at the same time.
‘SNL’ Gives Adam and Eve the ‘Girls’ Treatment
With Lena Dunham hosting the show, there was no way 'SNL' wasn't going to do some kind of 'Girls' parody. And with the recent release of 'Son of God' and the impending arrival of 'Noah,' there was no way the show wasn't going to take a shot at the recent biblical movie revival. So here we are, with …
‘Girls’ Review: “One Man’s Trash”
Like season one's "The Return," "One Man's Trash" is a Hannah-centric episode, but this one blissfully leans a little heavier on the drama. After last week's stellar episode, 'Girls' is just as fantastic this week, albeit for different rea…