I know this is truly devastating to some "Star Trek" fans.  Leonard Nimoy attended a Star Trek convention in Rosemont IL. this last weekend, and he says it's his LAST Trek convention EVER!

Can you really blame him?  Nimoy is 80 years old.  He's having to get in and out of planes, cars, vans, etc...  Having to go to Rosemont Illinois... it's not LOGICAL.  How many times can you say, "Live long and prosper", Live long and prosper", "Live long and prosper"?  Seriously, if he had lived THAT prosperously he wouldn't have been in Rosemont Illinois!

I never really followed any of the later Star Trek stuff, but as a kid I really liked the original TV Show. I enjoyed the original Star Trek movies, and being into radio like I am, I dig his narrator and voice over stuff too... Live Long and Prosper Spock.

(By the way... I'm pretty sure that I met Leonard Nimoy one time at the bus station in New Orleans.  He was staggering drunk, and asked if I had any change for the smokes machine and a Zag-nut bar.  I told him I didn't, even though I did.  He wandered on over to the other side of the depot and eventually got on his bus, and I got on mine.  At least I think it was Spock, the dude had some pretty jacked up ears.)