Steve Jobs lost his battle with cancer yesterday, and passed away at his home.  He was 56. That's young... but in case you didn't know, Steve really accomplished a lot in his short time here.

Here's a timeline...

1955Steve Jobs is born in San Francisco to a Syrian Muslim grad student named Abdulfattah, and an American classmate.  They put him up for adoption.

1972.  He drops out of his first semester of college in Portland, Oregon, earns money by returning Coke bottles, and scores free meals at the local Hare Krishna temple.

1974 - 1975.  He quits his first job at Atari to backpack across India, take psychedelic drugs, convert to Buddhism, and shave his head . . . experiences that he credits with shaping his creative vision.

1976STEVE JOBS and STEVE WOZNIAK form Apple Computers and build their first personal computer . . . in Jobs' parents' garage.

1977.  Apple releases the Apple Two, which becomes the first widely-used personal computer in the world.

1980. Apple goes public.  After one day of trading, Jobs is worth $239 MILLION.  He's 25 years old.

1983. Apple announces "Lisa," the first computer to be controlled using a MOUSE.  It fails.  The mouse will go on to become a vital part of basically every computer made in the next 28 years.

1984.  Apple launches the Macintosh, a desktop computer with the screen built in.  One year later, Jobs would leave Apple.

1986. Jobs buys Pixar Animation Studios for $10 MILLION.  In 1995 they release "Toy Story", the first movie made entirely with computer animation.  It changes animation forever.  When Pixar goes public, Jobs becomes a billionaire.

1996. With Apple dying and about to be sold or killed off, Jobs returns, and becomes CEO.  Get this...  He takes a salary of $1.

1998. Apple releases the iMac.  It becomes the fastest-selling personal computer ever.  Apple immediately returns to being profitable and makes money for four quarters in a row.

2001. Apple introduces their first retail store and releases the iPod.  There are now 357 Apple Stores.  The iPod would capture more than a 75% market share and turned out to be the device that finally led digital music past the CD era.

2003. Apple launches the iTunes music store.  This began the transition away from illegal digital music downloading and toward people LEGALLY listening to music again.

2007. Apple introduces the iPhone, the first phone with a touchscreen and no keyboard.  It revolutionized the cell phone industry.

2010. Apple introduces the iPad... a device no one even knew they needed until they tried one.  Apple now has at least an 80% share of the tablet market and they're used at 92% of Fortune 500 companies.

2011. Apple... the company Jobs started in his parents' garage... is briefly the world's most valuable company.  On August 9th, for a few hours, Apple's market cap hit $342 BILLION while ExxonMobil's was at $341 BILLION.

That same summer, Apple lists more cash reserves than the U.S. Treasury.