It's scary to think that some of the BARS in this country are more dangerous than IRAQ and AFGHANISTAN.

28-year-old Orlando Salazar of Grand Prairie, Texas was a soldier with the U.S. Army.  He survived tours in both Iraq and Afghanistan.

Then, on Saturday, he was KILLED in a bar fight in Texas.

Orlando was out with some friends and family at El Torro Loco on Saturday night when the fight broke out.  Police haven't said what started it.

A group of men knocked Orlando down and started kicking him while he was on the ground, and he suffered a fatal head injury in the assault.

The police are still looking for most of the men who attacked him.  They HAVE captured one, though, a 27-year-old named Jose Abel Navarro.

Orlando's father, Caesar Salazar, told reporters, quote, "[My son] should've been safer here, at home.  He survived two tours and he comes home and this happens to him.

"The men who did this didn't just hurt my son, they didn't just hurt my family, they hurt a lot of people out there in this world."