Silly thing happened over the weekend and you know me, I must share!

First let me explain that I'm not a complete idiot, although some might argue that point, I do know some things about gardening. Admittedly though, I am certainly no expert. Whilst at my bother and sister-in-law's this weekend for a delicious meal Memorial Day, I had to go rummaging around their garden to see how things are growing there. My brother-in-law, Billy, brought me out a sack to grab some greens, and thus this little story begins.

If you look at the picture you'll notice there's a Collard Green and a Turnip Green there. You'll also notice that while there's an obvious turnip at the end of the "turnip green", I was a little disgusted to learn that there's no such thing as a "collard" at the end of a "collard green". Deductive reasoning lead me to the oh-so-obvious conclusion in my mind that there must be a collard, right?

There's not!

Well, seeing as how I've never actually heard of a "collard" before, this wasn't any kind of massive revelation to me, just a minor disappointment. Next you're going to tell me there's no "mustard jar" at the end of the mustard green either!

Yes, they all laughed at me too, so feel free to do the same.

Love ya, mean it!