The 2013 List America's most and least dangerous cities is out, and a small Arkansas town is listed in the top 5 most dangerous.

The CQ Press has updated their list for 2013, and the number one most dangerous city in the U.S. is Detroit, MI. (of course). The second most dangerous city, with a population just under 50,000 residents, is Pine Bluff Arkansas. Third, was Flint Michigan followed by Memphis Tennessee in fourth and Stockton California in fifth.

The least dangerous cities are Logan Utah in first place followed by Provo Utah second, Appleton Wisconsin third, Sheboygan Wisconsin fourth and in fifth place it was State College Pennsylvania... (it's safe now.)

Rankings are put together based on crime rates released by the FBI for each city. Crimes include murder, rape, assault, robbery, burglary, larceny, arson, and auto-theft.

(By the way...Texarkana is ranked the 15th most dangerous city in the United States.)