Cool! A couple of years ago, Slash formed a horror film production company and it's called Slasher Films. How appropriate! Now, it looks like one of their movies has been picked up by Anchor Bay Entertainment. The film is titled "Nothing to Fear" and is based on the actual town of Stull, Kansas which, according to legend, is one of the seven gateways to hell

Anthony Leonardi, III,  will direct the movie, starring Thomas Haden Church and Anne Heche.  Slash will co-produce the music.

According to Hollywood Reporter Slash said:

“Anthony Leonardi’s vision of this story is exceptionally unnerving and dark. It will keep you totally engaged from the first second of the film to the last. It’s guaranteed to scare the hell out of you.”

Filming begins February 13th in Louisiana. I tried to find out where in Louisiana, since there is so much filming in Shreveport these days, but couldn't find anything out :(

via Sundance 2012: Slash-Produced Horror Movie 'Nothing to Fear' Gets Release Via Anchor Bay - Hollywood Reporter.