I am a huge fan of Top Gear on BBC.  I am sure the guys on the American version of the show by the same name, are probably great people, and may be really funny... apart, but the original Top Gear on BBC is one of the very best car shows on television, and one of the most entertaining in any genre. One of the celebrity guests to close out series 18 was none other than Slash from Guns 'N' Roses fame.

To me, James May, Richard Hammond, and Jeremy Clarkson have great chemistry together, and and are really funny together.  You can tell they truly are friends both on, and off camera.  Most importantly though, they make me laugh... a LOT.

There are quite a few features in the program... races, challenges, etc... but one of my favorite segments of the show is when they do the celebrity interviews and that puts a "star in a reasonably priced car" and puts them on the track to see what they have when the rubber meets the road.  Granted, a lot of the time I may not know who the guest is when it is a European celebrity, but sometimes I do.  Nick Mason of Pink Floyd has been a guest I recognized. One of the fastest celebrities was Tom Cruise.  Cameron Diaz did well on her lap, but Matt LeBlanc, (weed aficionado), Joey from "Friends" holds the all time lap speed record with a time of 1:42.1. I bring it up, well, because he was probably high when he did it.

One of the guests in series 18 is none other than Slash.  While he was there, he performed a new version of the show's theme song, "Jessica"