I saw this video, and all I could say was WOW! This is some cell-phone footage from a recent scrap on a Cleveland Transit System bus, between a female passenger and the driver... and it is craaaazy!

From the video, you can see and hear that the young lady is mouthing off, and making a fool of herself in general on a Cleveland Transit Authority bus.  She finally gets so frustrated with the driver that she puts her hands on him.  That's when he had enough, he gets up from the drivers seat shouting "You goin' to jail now", but then apparently loses his mind, and all hell breaks loose... He uppercuts the young lady like she is a man, then throws her off the bus. (We think HE just might be "goin' to jail" now.)


(I can understand this man's frustration with disrespectful people, especially youngsters, but this cat was WAY out of line.  He's a full grown man, and there is never an excuse to hit a female, especially the way he did.  I'm not sure what will happen to this guy, but he definitely deserves to be punished.)