BON JOVI'S current tour grossed over $146 MILLION last year... and it'll pick up where it left off in two weeks.  And drummer TICO TORRES says he's looking forward to taking a break after it ends in July.

But guitarist RICHIE SAMBORA says it won't be a long breather... because he wants to see the band to keep on going like the ROLLING STONES.

He says, quote, "We do need a little bit of a break, but not that much of a break, 'cause what's going to happen is there's more songs to be written and... you know, guess what?  We want to be the Rolling Stones.  I know I do."

Richie adds, quote, "I don't think we know what the hell's gonna happen [after the tour].  We're just going out there and working our asses off and enjoying it, actually being the best band of our lives... we're not gonna quit.

"We're gonna keep on going and writing new, great songs... go in the studio and make great records... evolve more... and get back into stadiums and give people a great, great show."

Richie also acknowledges that JON BON JOVI wants to do a solo album after the tour... and he's cool with that.  He says, quote, "It's okay with all of us.  We're all gonna stick together.  We're like a gang."