PRESIDENT OBAMA'S nine-year-old daughter Sasha plays on a community center girls' basketball team in Maryland.  Like most little league teams, Sasha's team has a parent who serves as the coach.  On Saturday, that parent couldn't do it.

So... the president stepped in.

Here's the strange part... ya know, besides the president taking a break to coach a girls' basketball team.  Sasha wasn't even there.

She was in Colorado on a ski trip with MICHELLE OBAMA, the other Obama girl MALIA, and some friends.  So the president coached the team, even though his daughter wasn't there.

As for how Obama did as a coach... well, no one knows.  Journalists who follow his motorcade weren't allowed in the community center.  His aides wouldn't say the outcome of the game.  And we couldn't find any tweets from people on the inside.


(RIGHT WING RESPONSE:  Since he's a socialist he probably divided up all of the minutes equally among the girls.  At least while he was coaching he took an hour off of ruining the country.)

(LEFT WING RESPONSE:  He's such a good dad!  I would coach my kid's basketball team too... if I weren't 19 years old and still not sure if I'm going to have kids.  If gay men aren't allowed to give birth, I shouldn't be either.)