POISON will tour with MOTLEY CRUE and the NEW YORK DOLLS this summer.  Dates haven't been announced yet, but they will be soon.  Tickets are scheduled to go on sale March 18th.

It's unclear how many shows there will be.  It sounds like BRET MICHAELS will perform solo shows in between Poison / Crue dates.  For now, we do know that both bands will be at Rocklahoma on May 29th.

In an interview on "Piers Morgan Tonight" that will air tomorrow night, Bret said, quote, "It'll be the tour of the summer."  (Here's a video of Bret's announcement.)

(Remember when Bret said Poison would be touring with Crue back in November?  Crue drummer TOMMY LEE responded to that on Twitter by saying, "NO!"... and Crue said that Bret was just, quote, "trying to will it" into happening.  I guess he did.)