If stoners have "4-20", then geeks will take "3-14" as all their own. March 14th is the day of worship for math nerds who know 3-14 is the start of a magical number: Pi [pie]. Centuries ago, mathematicians realized a formula that says the distance around a circle is equal to its diameter multiplied by Pi (a single number that extends at least 1 trillion digits beyond the decimal) You can abbreviate it to 3-point-14159. There's an entire subculture that celebrates Pi: 3-point-14. Some call it "Pie Day". If you go to the extreme, you celebrate on 3-14 at 1:59 in the afternoon (3.14159). Now I'm no mathematic genius but would I be considered a stoner if  pi day kicked off at 1:59 PM this afternoon, and I am about 4 hours & 20 minutes  late for the celebration? You do the math. Happy Pi Day! now I'm gonna go finish this Pie.