You can't ignore that guys sometimes do stupid stuff, and take stupid risks.  We all know this, and didn't really need scientists to tell us that.  But now, thanks to them, stupid risk-taking has a name.  It's called a "culture of honor." 

Dr. Ryan Brown, a psychologist at the University of Oklahoma, says a culture of honor is what makes guys do crazy things to preserve their reputation as a man... and hurt themselves or die in the process.

More than 7,000 guys a year die in accidental deaths trying to preserve their honor.

Guys from the West and South are more likely to give in to peer pressure and hurt themselves trying to defend their honor, with South Carolina, Texas and Wyoming being the three biggest "honor states."

States where guys are least likely to care about their reputation are New York, Ohio, and Wisconsin.

Guys living in cities in honor states are 14% more likely to die in a car crash, drown, or over exert themselves... all "culture of honor" behaviors.

Guys in small towns or rural areas of honor states are 19% more likely to die.

Dr. Brown found that women also live by a culture of honor, but it doesn't affect their behavior as much as it does for men.