" Let's check in with our crack field reporter Brad..Oops It Appears That Brad Is Having Technical Difficulties"  I laughed so hard when I saw this. TV reporter Brad Woodward picked about the worst time possible to be caught taking a smoke break.

The five-year veteran of KHOU news in Houston was happily puffing away when the anchors cut to his coverage of an oil fire. even worse time.

When Woodward realized he was live he flicked the cigarette away.  To make matters worse, Texas is in the midst of an extreme drought, increasing the risk that a discarded cigarette could cause a wild fire

Woodward took to  KHOU’s Facebook page to apologize for the incident ,saying it was “both professionally and personally embarrassing.”  He also assured the public that the oil fire was under control, and that he was standing on concrete when he got rid of his cigarette. OMG! that is what is so hilarious about this story.

Still, his face palm of a gaffe lives in infamy below, Check it out.