Again, one year.  Nadya Suleman has been so into this new "solo-porn" thing, I believe she will be doing full on porn in one year.

It started out with Bikini Pics on the Beach, then it was topless photos in a British magazine, now it's "How-To Porn Videos" about solo-love, so I'm just predicting that she will be doing the whole thing, so to speak, in a year.  Okay, after this post, I don't want to write about the Octomom again. At least until her video comes out... seriously, no pun intended... (What is wrong with me?)

I have never tried the "Cinnamon Challenge".  I have seen enough videos on YouTube to know that I do not stand a chance at being successful at such an endeavor.  TMZ has video of Octomom giving it a shot.