This year there will be no Christmas lights illuminating the Bowie County Courthouse in New Boston, Texas. Who's fault is it... it depends on who you ask?

The Judge blames the Commissioners, the commissioners blame the judge.

The judge says the commissioners voted lighting the courthouse down to save some money. The commissioners say that there is money in the budget specifically for decorating the courthouse, and can still be used but that the Judge must work with employees and commissioners to make it happen.

According to this report from KTBS the Bowie County Courthouse is one of the only courthouses in Texas on an interstate meaning that untold thousands of motorists see the courthouse from I-30 during the holiday season.

Are these just politcal games with the Commissioners and the judge? What do you think?

(Just an idea and question... with the Judge saying that the County Treasurer cannot accept public donations, could the public donate Christmas trees and place them on the courthouse grounds? I think that would be kind of cool. Then they would not have to worry with getting the convicts to do the work, and would just have to provide electricity to light the donated trees. I don't know if it's allowed, but I wanted to throw it out there.)