We did a broadcast at Nightmare on 7th Street this last weekend and had SO much fun! Located at 5301 West 7th Street, “Nightmare on 7th Street” is the premier local Halloween attraction, with the area’s best “Haunted House”, and the all new “Trail of Terror”.

I joined Lisa, and Mimi for a quick trip thru both… we went thru the Haunted House first, then it’s just a short walk back to the entrance to the Trail of Terror.  There are lots of freaky new twists, and scares in the “Haunted House”. and because of the burn ban in effect for Bowie County, they couldn’t burn torches on the Trail of Terror, so they give you a flashlight.  Lisa, is convinced that they made sure the flashlight was dim on purpose.  Check out the videos…

Here’s some really dark video from the “Trail of Terror”… can’t see much, but the audio is great!

Nightmare on 7th Street is open weekend nights thru Halloween until the last victim disappears.