You can't really blame Michele Bachmann for ticking off Tom Petty, because she's new to this, and hasn't learned the rule that John McCain and Sarah Palin learned.  (Assuming they did eventually GET IT.)

It's this:  Republicans, you may not want to play rock songs.  At all.

Why?  Because every rocker except Ted Nugent is a liberal... or at least, doesn't want to be connected to the Republican Party or politics in general.  And that's no exaggeration.

The quick list of musicians that kindly asked the Republicans to stop using their songs in the 2008 election includes:  Heart, Jackson Browne, John Mellencamp, Jon Bon Jovi, Survivor, Don Henley, Rush, the Foo Fighters, Boston and Van Halen.

If you're a Republican just stick with the Ted Nugent catalog... or go country.  You should be fine with just about everybody... except maybe the Dixie Chicks.