An odd thing happened to me when returning from lunch today, a nice lady pulled up beside me and asked where I was taking my wood?

An odd question indeed, unless you already knew that the back of my pickup was loaded with wood clippings from my yard from the weekend yard work. I told her that I had planned to take it to the usual spot on South Stateline, she then revealed to me the reason she asked. Apparently there is a new business in town where you can take your clean wood, tree clippings, branches and such, it's called GWG Wood Group. Located on Hwy 67 just a little North of the Cowboy. (See map below)

GWG is just getting started and in need of your clean wood donations. It's a very convenient location for me since our radio stations are on Arkansas Blvd in the first place.

I gladly gave them my clippings today and I imagine it won't take long before they are fully stocked and ready to serve up some nice mulch.

So let me now introduce to you the folks behind GWG Wood Group. The owner's name is Kirk Grady, Texas High Class of '78. The nice lady who stopped me on Arkansas Blvd is running the place, her name is Carol Green (pictured above right), and Clamente Moya (above left) is working the mulch.

GWG Wood Group
4901 E. Broad St.
Texarkana, AR

Go check them out when you get a chance, and tell them Jim Weaver sent you.


The wood pile - Jim Weaver/TSM


More wood pile - Jim Weaver/TSM
Other wood pile