Well, I finally got around to watching the video of the Miley Cyrus VMA performance. I've never been a fan of Hannah Montana, as I am a grown man. As a father, I am pretty pissed off at Miley Cyrus.


It's true, and it may take a little getting used too, but I have turned into my father, and what I see passed off as a "performance" at the video music awards today is really pretty disgusting.

I mean Miley Cyrus first comes out of a teddy bear, dressed in some Micky Mouse on Crack type one piece, "twerking" which strippers have been doing for years, then practically stripped nekkid and humped a Teddy Bear for Pete's sake. (That's cool if teddy bears is your thing, but it's for "behind the scenes", like Mimes chatting or people that get into feet... it happens, but people don't have to see it.) We get it, you know all about sex, big deal, you don't have to rub one out with a foam finger on TV for us to understand you ain't Hannah Montana no more... (though it is a good name for a "mattress actress" if that's the way she's going.)

Just a couple of years ago, I met some very young school children in another country that are just getting into Hannah Montana where they live. After spending an afternoon with this group of children, one of them asked my wife, to "please deliver a message to Hannah that I watch her everytime she's on TV." It was soo sweet... on an island where young people are not constantly wired in, these young girls are just now getting turned on to all of that wholesomeness that WAS "Hannah Montana".... and what is the deal with the tongue? It's like it was trying to escape from her head.


Some of her fans think she was awesome, and that is pretty worrisome by itself. Who lets the young fans think this is alright? Miley got the attention she is addicted to, some men may think she is sexy, and want to get in her pants, but not in her life. There's nothing cool, edgy, or new about what she did, others have done just as bad... Madonna, Britney, GaGa, etc... but this young lady had the opportunity to be a positive influence to millions of young girls, and instead of a college education she is glorifying stripper moves.

(For my daughters... if I ever see you acting like this in public, I will strip to some tighty-whiteys and twerk my skinny white butt all over the place so you see just how stupid it looks, and I will tape your tongue back into your mouth. Seriously, I love you. You are all three beautiful young women, smart, and strong. You all have respect for yourselves, and for that I am very proud. I beg that you never sell yourself cheap like Miley Cyrus did for some attention. I know there have been times I may have been a bit harsh about things like "selfies" in the bathroom mirror, they show your pretty faces, but not your true beauty. I have demanded you remove certain photos from Facebook for a reason. I know I've harped on wanting your short pants longer, or telling you I don't like your top being so tight, or some of the boys that come sniffing around and if I ever hurt your feelings about it, I am sorry. I will always be your biggest supporter, and I love you, and I know in my bones that you are going to be great role models and teachers for your children. I have tried my best to make sure that you are all three better people than me, and I am proud of you all.)

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