A lot of music videos these days are lazy and uninspired, but I just came across arguably one of the COOLEST, or most DISTURBING music videos I've ever seen.  Seriously.  It's even further out than all those elaborate OK GO videos.

A British pop band called IS TROPICAL did it for their song "The Greeks".

Now, I realize this might not be for everyone...

(If the Parents Television Council had a problem with Rihanna shooting and killing some dude in her video, I can't imagine what their response would be to this... and I don't care.  So let's just keep this awesomeness between us.)

The video features a large-scale suburban shoot-out... with guns, drugs, and creative, gory deaths.  But here's the catch:  It stars a bunch of little kids who shoot each other with super-soakers, and all the carnage is ANIMATED.

It's violent.  It's shocking.  It's hilarious.  And... if you ever played shoot-out games with your friends as a kid like me and my troops... it's fun.  Oh, and this isn't just something that was quickly thrown together for shock value, it's incredibly well done, especially the sync between the animation and live-action.

(All right, here we go.  If animated gore and kid-on-kid pretend violence isn't your bag, I understand, and you shouldn't watch. But if you're down, you can check it out, here.  Enjoy.)

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