Oh sure, there are still plenty of  cowboys in America, especially in Texas, but for a lot of us who still like an adventure every now and then, blazing new trails on horse back can be a little... slow. After all we do have to be back at work by Monday you know.

If you still like the sun on your face, the great outdoors and the smell of leather, there is another form of trail riding that will get you there faster and give you more time to look around once you have arrived. A Harley Davidson motorcycle, that's right pardner simply team up with you local H.O.G. chapter at Whiskey River Harley Davidson and start riding adventures every month.

If you're new to the  term H.O.G. that's stands for Harley Davidson Owners Group. It's a national organization but Whiskey River has a local chapter that meets every month to give you the opportunity to get the most of your HD ownership experience. Click here find out how to join the local chapter.

October 13 at 9:00 a.m. is the H.O.G. local chapter meeting and ride. The ride will be to the Boo Benefit in Jefferson going on that weekend. Then at 5:00 p.m. they will head to River Bend for supper.

Whiskey River Harley Davidson - WhiskeyRiverHD.com

The Boo Benefit is a huge annual rally in Jefferson, TX to raise money for 'Camp I'm Still Me', formerly 'Louisiana Burn Camp', which provides opportunities for children who are burn survivors.

Adventure still awaits those willing to strap on the leather and saddle up, where will you go this weekend?

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