A few years ago I met a girl named Misty, and she kissed me.  That day in Jamaica was a good day, and one I will always remember for many reasons, like the Jamaican school kids that were there that day for a field trip or the once in a lifetime experience we had with the dolphins.

I have been blessed to have had the opportunity to visit quite a few islands in the Caribbean. We have made some amazing friends, and have had some truly awesome experiences.  One of the very best experiences I have ever had was in Ocho Rios, Jamaica at Dolphin Cove.

The other day I saw a post that was shared on the Dolphin Cove Facebook page about the "Story of Misty", and it told an amazingly heart warming story that I had never heard,

One of the greatest stories of Misty here at Dolphin Cove was when we were visited by a seven year old girl who was autistic, she had never spoken a word and during her kiss with Misty she spoke for the first time, two words: “Dolphin! Misty!”  Immediately invoking tears from all who were lucky enough to witness such a miracle including other guests, the child’s parents, teacher and the dolphin trainers.

Here's some video from some of our group participating in the Dolphin Experience...

The kids from the Dunrobin School were there that day for a school field trip with the Sandals Foundation, and we had a blast with them.  These children were so sweet, and completely fascinated by my wife's blonde hair.  One young girl asked her to give a message to Hannah when we got back to the U.S.  She said, "Tell her I love her and watch her show every chance I can."  The innocence... she thought that just like the small communities in Jamaica, we must know Hannah Montana, because we all know each other.

We were laughing and joking with the kids, and we participated in a little reggae dance contest, but eventually we needed to leave, and go back to the resort.  My friend Millie wanted to take a picture of me and 3 of the children, but when the others saw that we were going to take a photo, we all just piled in together.

If, or when you go to Jamaica you have to visit Dolphin Cove - Ocho Rios, it is the absolute best attraction in all of the Caribbean, and I hope you have an experience even more magical than mine.  Oh, and do me a favor when you visit... Give Misty a kiss for me.