Could Arkansas become the first southern state to legalize medicinal marijuana?

The Arkansas Supreme court tossed out the requests from a handful of conservative groups hoping to block the proposed ballot measure.  The coalition was asking to drop it from the November ballot, or to not count any votes that are cast on the issue.

If it passes, the measure will allow patients that have qualifying conditions to buy medical grade marijuana at non-profit dispensaries with a Doctors recommendation.

Qualifying conditions would be, AIDS, HIV, Cancer, Glaucoma, and Alzheimer's disease. (and a few other circumstances of extreme pain)  The proposal would also allow a qualified patient that lives more than 5 miles from a dispensary to grow marijuana.

The vote alone will make Arkansas the first state in the south to put the issue to voters.  Arkansans for Compassionate Care is the group behind the measure, and were able to get it on the ballot when they turned in far more than the required 62,500 signatures.

Governor Beebe said that he doesn't think voters would pass it.  We wonder if he is wrong

After seeing what strong support the issue was receiving, The Marijuana Policy Project out of Washington has kicked in more than $250,000 towards the effort's campaign so far...


If the vote were today...