For the past five years, 38-year-old Sean Murphy of Doncaster, England, has been annoyed by a WART near the tip of the middle finger on his left hand.  He tried creams and medicines to get rid of it, but nothing made it go away.

So finally, Sean decided to take action.  He got nice and drunk, then grabbed his SHOTGUN... put his finger on the table... positioned the barrel right on the wart... and used his other hand to PULL THE TRIGGER and blast the wart off.

But, as you'd expect, he wasn't able to hold the shotgun perfectly steady with one drunken hand... and ended up blasting off MOST OF HIS FINGER.

On the bright side, the part of his finger that he blew off DID include the wart.

But that was the only bright side.  Because he wasn't just missing part of his finger now... the stunt also got him ARRESTED.

The police charged him for failing to possess a valid certificate for the gun.  This week he ended up taking a plea... and getting a $160 fine, some community service time, and a 16-week suspended sentence.