It's hard to tell from this story if the car thief is REALLY smooth... or if drunken Spring Break naps are REALLY intense.  We're guessing it's some of both.

Last week in Steel City, Florida, a man stole a Chevy Equinox from the parking lot of a convenience store while two 24-year-old spring breakers were still in the backseat, sleeping.  Or, more likely, passed out.

(Nothing like going on spring break at age 24.  Never grow up!)

The driver had pulled over to run into the store.  While he was inside, the thief quickly broke into the car and drove off.

Eventually, the two people in the backseat woke up and realized they didn't know the guy driving the car.  They threatened him, and eventually he pulled over and hopped into a car with some of his friends.

Over the weekend, police tracked down the thief... he's 26-year-old Kevin Tyrone Moore of Dothan, Alabama.

He's been charged with grand theft of a motor vehicle and two counts of kidnapping.