Calling all men. Are you in the dog house? Do you want to be in the dog house? The answer to that question is surprisingly YES! 

Yes, you did read that right...I said that you should want to be in the dog house with the wife. That is, only if you have a Bunkie you can slip away to.

The Bunkie is intended to be a mini home of sorts. It is essentially meant for overflow living or as a secondary dwelling place. Or you office. Or even a really fancy gazebo or star-gazing pad. I vote star-gazing pad.

The Bunkies are 8.5’ wide x 12.5’ deep x 11. 5’ high mini-cottages. What's even cooler? Well, they are put together like a giant puzzle using common tools.

You can even get a small dining table and chairs, shelves and cabinets, a fireplace and a queen-sized Murphy bed! Of course...all of this probably costs extra.

Speaking of costs, you may be curious as to how much you would pay out of pocket to nab yourself a glorified man cave. Hate to break it to you, but a Bunkie starts at $29,000. The good news is that it should only take you about two days to assemble it!

So the next time your wife exiles you to the dog house...try to mask your excitement as you slip out back to your very own Bunkie. Or just enjoy your imaginary Bunkie from the real dog house because let's be real, who can afford that?