If you happen to attend the London Olympics this summer & which I doubt I will Either. be prepared to get in trouble with the law if you post any pictures of your trip on Facebook.

Attendees aren't allowed to post videos and photos from the events to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, or other social media. They can only share images from competitions for private use.

And spectators aren't the only ones that could be in trouble -- athletes won't be able to post any photos of themselves with products that aren't officially sponsoring the Olympics.

The organizers also have "branding police" taping over or scratching out non-sponsor brands and logos on things like toilets and sinks at Olympic venues. so in the mean time if you are into this

years summer olympics, you are better off watching it at home and then taking a picture of the video screen and the sending it to you friends with a text message sayin" Guess Where I'm At?" LOL.

hey thats what I'm gonna do. God I Love YouTube. Shhhh don't Narc Me Out Bro...anyway check out this Promo Video,

I didn't know that This will be a record third time that London has Hosted the Olympics.