Is bigger is better? Lacey Wildd thinks so. Lacey has undergone multiple surgeries and paid thousands of dollars in order to get QQQ-cup breasts... THAT GLOW IN THE DARK!

Have you seen the TLS show "My Strange Addiction"?That's where we found out about Lacey. In her episode she recounts all of the surgeries she's gotten over the last 20 years to jump her cup size up so huge.

We know that with boobs that size there must be lots of uncomfortable times, like in the beginning of the video when she needed help up, because when she lays on her back her implants are so heavy that she cannot breathe.

Not only are her breasts huge, but they can do tricks, sort of... she can shine a flashlight into her breasts to reveal a sort of glow-in-the-dark effect. It's definitely a site to see.

Check out the video above and marvel at the wonders that are Lacey Wildd's breasts.