We asked the other day, if you would break a car window to save a dog... Well, Susanne Jones will, and DID!

Susanne was taking her 92 year old mother to an Albuquerque New Mexico  clinic the other day,  and saw a dog locked in a car with the window cracked just a little, and not enough.  The dog was suffering, yelping, scratching at the window, and finally just gave out in the floor board.

She called 911, and they directed her to Animal Welfare to make the report.  Susanne waited 40 minutes, and still nobody showed up to help the dog.  She made the decision, and took a club out of her car, and smashed a window for the dog to get some air. (The dog is doing just fine.)

Just then, a cop shows up.  Then the Animal Welfare officer, then the cars owner Cissy King came out of the clinic.  The cops told Cissy she was in trouble, but it was complicated.  The officers informed Cissy that she could press charges against Susanne for breaking the window.

Cissy refused to press charges, and in fact THANKED Susanne for saving her dog.

Cissy had to go to court the other day, and Susanne testified against her for endangering her pet.  The judge said he would dismiss the charges against Ms. King if she attends a pet safety class.   She promised that she would enroll in a class right away.

Here is video from Eye Witness News 4/kob.com.