Aerosmith‘s  Steven Tyler recently revealed that he’s looking forward to recording his first solo album after the band wraps up its upcoming tour dates this fall, but the singer now reports that he’ll also be undergoing a major operation around that time.

Steven say's “My knee is giving out, I had ACL reconstructions, and in November I’m getting knee replacement surgery.  It’ll take me about three or four months to recover.”

Tyler admits that decades of doing animated stage moves “have taken their toll,” noting, “I’ve had so many operations on my knees and feet that just to be standing is a miracle.”

The 65-year-old rocker’s hoping the knee replacement will help him be more steady on his feet when he’s ready to hit the road again.  “To turn around and do one of my spins where I don’t fall, that’s the s**t!” Steven declares.

As for his solo plans, Tyler reports that he’s been working on new tunes with longtime Aerosmith songwriter Marti Frederiksen, and hopes his album will be ready for release by fall of next year.  He also explains that he’s unsure about what musical direction to take with the record.

“What is a Steven Tyler solo album?” he offers.  “Is it a bunch of songs like ‘Dream On?’  That’s already on an Aerosmith album.  It’ll just be a different people playing it.  I don’t know.”

The singer adds that he wants “to have some fun” with the project, which, he adds, “gives me the freedom to write a song on trashcan lids or with the Boston Pops or an oboe and a harpsichord.”

In addition, Tyler assures Aerosmith fans that he by no means has any intention of leaving his famous group.

“The band is still here, and I love it,” he insists.  He also says it seems strange to him that members of the media have questioned him about the band’s status, while guitarist Joe Perry “has done five or six solo albums and there’s never been an interviewer that’s asked him if that means he’s leaving Aerosmith.”

As for the future of the group, Tyler maintains, “As long as I can sing, I’m up there [and] I know Joe wants to keep going…Look, we just love to play.”   He adds, “Without a doubt, when they colonize the moon, we’ll be up there as a lounge act.”