You've probably heard someone excuse a failed job or relationship in a backhanded way by saying:  "I worked too hard"... "I just tried to do too much"... "I over-thought it"... or "I just loved them too much"?

Well, that's how KATIE COURIC is talking about her soon-to-be former "CBS Evening News" gig.  She now says she regrets doing TOO MUCH in trying to be awesome and unique.

Katie tells the "New York Times", quote, "In retrospect I would have given people what they were used to, a traditional newscast.

"And then... as they got to know me and got more comfortable, then I would've started toying with the format and trying new things.  I think we were overly ambitious.  We probably would have been better off playing it a little safer."

Katie hasn't OFFICIALLY cut ties with the "CBS Evening News" yet... but the consensus is that she'll make that announcement in the next few weeks.  Her contract is up on June 4th.

But she might not leave CBS completely.

Katie confirms that she's thinking about doing a syndicated daytime talk show... quote, "We talk a lot and, yes, we've been discussing the possibilities.  That's true."  She adds that she'd like it to feature, quote, "smart conversation."

Word has it that Katie would prefer to do the show somewhere that has a news division where she could contribute.  She's supposedly in "serious talks" with NBC, CNN, CBS... and in LESS serious talks with ABC.

(We'd previously heard that she'd team-up with CBS again if they'd give her a talk show AND a recurring spot on "60 Minutes".)

For what it's worth, when Katie was asked if she felt any "less proud about going to work at CBS" after the whole CHARLIE SHEEN debacle, she said, quote, "I don't really consider Charlie Sheen a colleague."

(If Katie does launch a new talk show, I have one piece of advice for her:  Do NOT... under any circumstances... try anything new or fresh or anything.)

(Americans like their talk shows as plain as you can make them... packed with trivial "controversies," useless chit chat, and hosts that love to talk about themselves and their uninformed opinions... OR... fist fights and strippers.)

(I just want to save her from trying to do too much all over again.)