Since 2007 Daryl Hall has been bringing a pretty eclectic group of musical guests into his upstate New York home to join him for his free monthly web-to-cable series ‘Live from Daryl’s House'... and I LOVE THE SHOW!

This week will mark the 60th episode and Daryl will be celebrating with one of my favorite guitarists, from the legendary Eagles and James Gang, Joe Walsh.

In each episode of 'Live From Daryl's House' fans can tune in to catch Hall and his guests play a mix of the artist’s original music, and some of Hall's songs. You get to find out a lot about these artists as they chat about their lives over dinner.

In this special episode Hall and Walsh jam on classic tunes like ‘Rocky Mountain Way,’ and the Walsh hit ‘Life’s Been Good’. From Hall’s expansive repertoire the two legends rip out ‘Somebody to Love' and ‘Wrong Side of History.’

In addition to the music, the two talk about their respect for one another, and the story behind Walsh’s first guitar after trading in trombone and clarinet.

I stumbled across the guitar, because I needed something I could play that wasn’t in my mouth, and that I could write music on, I was never going to get any girls playing clarinet. Not that I got any playing guitar, but it was a lot more fun.”

One of my most favorite episodes from the series, was when Smokey Robinson paid a visit to Daryl's house.  Daryl had asked Smokey to perform "Ooh Baby Baby", and for some reason, Smokey refused to do that tune... So, during the duo's performance of "Sara Smile", Daryl went into the song, he hesitated at first, but Smokey eventually gives in, and sings...

Fans can tune in to the ‘Live From Daryl’s House’ website on Nov. 15 at 10PM Central to watch the special episode.