O.K. Jimmy Kimmel might have gone too far this time! Remember the prank he pulled on kids at Halloween? Challenging parents to film their kids the day after and tell them that their candy was eaten when they were asleep. Then he told parents to film the kids Christmas morning as they received really bad gifts. This time the trick was on the adults during the Super Bowl. Oh yeah, and some people take their Super Bowl very seriously! Ouch! 

Last week, on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live,’ he asked fans to do him a favor and pull the plug on their TV during the Super Bowl, and then record the reactions. While Kimmel was pleased to report this stunt didn’t result in any deaths, he couldn’t say the same thing about injuries.

Watch for the wife who pulls the plug on her hubby and then tells him he needs to remove the Christmas tree from their home because it’s February.

[via BuzzFeed]