Many of you in the Ark-La-Tex are huge pet lovers, and you've probably seen Jeff Tarpley's truck parked in front of PetSmart or at some other local venue. So what is the animal activist and rescue owner most grateful for?

This year finds me most thankful for the many community events and businesses that have invited the Jeff Tarpley Rescue to set up adoption events at their locations. From the Whistle Stop Fair in Ashdown, Ark. to Old Navy in Texarkana, Texas, the outpouring of support for this rescue has been astounding. More importantly, each event has resulted in at least one adoption!"

About Jeff Tarpley

Jeff Tarpley is an independent animal rescuer. In June 2007, he started transporting rescued and adopted animals around the four states area. His first transport was an abused German Shepherd out of Louisiana headed to Minnesota. His name was Wilson and Jeff will never forget him. Since meeting Wilson, Jeff has driven 129,700 miles for the animals. Jeff Tarpley Rescue was founded May 28, 2008 on Over one thousand animals have been placed in homes across the United States. The mission is plain old common sense: rescue, spay/neuter - get them healthy and find a wonderful home.