The 1st
Board of Directors meeting of the new year will be held tonight at Texarkana
Arkansas City Hall. The meeting begins at
6:30 and the public is invited to attend the open portion of tonight’s
proceedings.  The board will consider
adopting a moratorium temporarily stopping issuance of permits for unmanned
structures that provide a service such as atms, video rental boxes and the sale
of ice.




The 2012
Presidential process actually gets underway in earnest tonight in Iowa as the
first real votes are cast and counted in the first in the nation caucuses.
The  winner tonight will get some
momentum heading into the New Hampshire Primary which will be followed closely
by primaries in South Carolina and later in Florida.



Optimism about economic prospects in the United States and
the hope that the debt crises in Europe will improved led to big gains in early
trading on Wall Street today on the first day of trading for 2012.


In Sports:
The Sugar Bowl is tonight inside the Supderdome in New Orleans. Virginia Tech
11-2 takes on 10-2 Michigan.