I've been very lucky in my life not to have any real serious automobile accidents, but we see it all the time, and people who don't follow that one rule all too often don't live to regret it.

Listen up people, if you're still not wearing your seat belt it just makes me wonder if your're ok in the head.

As a young'ish broadcaster I had the privilege of working in Houston as a traffic reporter for several years. I did airborne reporting, in-studio work and out on the street in a mobile unit working accidents for hours at a time. I have seen some things that would make most folks loose their lunch. Not all the time but many of the really bad things I saw were completely avoidable if the vehicle occupants would have only been wearing their seat belts. They may still have been hurt, maybe even crippled, but they would have survived that accident.

I have been to far too many funerals in my lifetime involving kids that weren't paying attention to their driving, didn't have their belts on, and didn't walk away from the scene.

What does it take to convince some people that seat belts save lives.

Every Rider, Every Day.

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Buckle up please. Luv ya, mean it.