I suffer from allergies... Bad!  It seems that as I get older, every year is worse than the last.  However, after a lifetime of allergy issues, I have learned a few things I would like to share, and save you a little misery.

With the comfortable temperatures you may be tempted to leave your windows open... DON'T.  Car windows too, keep them closed and you can cut the pollen you breathe in by more than 30%.

Here are five more things to keep in mind.

#1.  Take Allergy Medication -- Just about all of the allergy medications you see advertised on TV "prevent" symptoms not treat them.  If you have symptoms today, take your pill for a better tomorrow. If your symptoms are severe, keep an eye on the pollen count.  (Try pollen.com)

#2.  Exercise in the Evening -- Plants put out pollen at night, so pollen count is usually pretty

Photo by Andreas Rentz/Getty Images

high in the morning, and tops out in the mid-afternoon.  So the best time to walk or jog outdoors is in the early evening hours.

#3.  Don't Sleep With Pets -- You may not be allergic to your pet, but they can bring pollen, mold, and dust inside.  So, don't let them in your bedroom during the day, and don't let them sleep with you at night. (I am guilty of this, but he's my best good friend and I am willing to suffer for that.)

#4.  Use the Correct Pillow --  Even if they have never given you allergies before, feather pillows, and comforters can effect your allergies, especially when they get a little bit old.  Get synthetic hypo-allergenic pillows, and some of those pillow covers that dust mites can't get through.

#5.  Clear the Clutter -- If your kids suffer from allergies, take a look at the number of stuffed animals they have in their rooms.  A pile of stuffed animals is like a big ole pile of dust magnets, and the same goes for stacks of clothes, and mess in general. (Pretty sure my wife is going to point this one out to me... AGAIN.)

There is a great list of even more tips to get you thru this "Sneezin' Season at Health.com.