The garage is a great place to store things that you really just don't need or have room for in the house, but looks like a lot of people have too much stuff. A recent study found that 1  out of 4 people can't even get their cars inside.

According to PR News Wire the survey was conducted by Gladiator® GarageWorks and it showed some other interesting garage habits. Not everyone wants a garage for their cars and trucks:

27 percent of people use the garage for hobbies, while others use it to work on cars (23 percent), do projects such as woodworking or carpentry (19 percent) or as an area for exercise or sports (13 percent).


Oh, and lots of people seem to be embarrassed at how disorganized their garage is. Really? Personally, not a problem for me! But, the study showed:

While 92 percent of homeowners surveyed described their home as somewhat or very organized, one fourth of them admitted embarrassment with the garage and nearly one third said they keep their garage door shut so others won't see the mess.

In fact, the survey found that one out of five homeowners have actually gotten into an argument with their spouse about the organizational state of their garage.