Will Ferrell is in down in New Orleans filming the movie ‘Dogfight.’

Will led the annual Krewe of Bacchus parade Sunday. And, of course, he dressed up like a king. 

The Krewe of Bacchus is one of the superkrewes celebrations that take place during the run up to Madri Gras’  Fat Tuesday events. Bacchus, which is named for the Roman god of wine, was the first krewe to feature a celebrity king. Previous Bacchus monarchs include Drew Bress, Jackie Gleason, Bob Hope and Val Kilmer.

He didn't show any skin like you would expect Will Ferrel to do at Mardi Gras, but that doesn’t mean he still won’t pull a Frank the Tank and strip down in exchange for cheap plastic beads on Fat Tuesday. Check out video and photos of Ferrell at King Bacchus below.